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Here are the most common football betting mistakes to avoid

See some bad things many punters do in online football betting. Discover some of the most unsuccessful practices in the field.

There’s something we should put down clearly before giving you our concrete list with the most common online football betting mistakes. It is the fact that no one of us is actually insured against doing stupid things while placing bets on football events. What we are trying to tell you is that it does not matter whether you are novice in the field or a pro. We can all get deluded by some strategy in the web or carelessly neglect a fundamental sport betting principle. This is why we are confident when claiming that this material is definitely suitable for anybody regardless of his or her experience in the field of online football betting.

See what almost any punter can wrongly do when placing bets on football:

  • Forgetting how significant it is to manage the betting budget properly. You into this business not only because of your passion for sport and specifically for football. You are into this initiative because you want to have more cash in the end of the month. The wrong approach to the income you earn and neglecting the limits in your casual deposits are very fatal.
  • Diving into the world of football bets with too huge expectations. Being realistic about online football betting is a must. As a matter of fact, the realistic adjustment to this gambling activity can help you in the previous thing you might be wrong about – the right budget management system. Realizing that there’s a 50% chance to lose is something you should get used from the very first football bet you place. But do not worry; it is not too late to learn it today.
  • Being keen in placing more bets rather than waiting for the most suitable moment to gamble. The quality is better than the quantity of the bet. Registering some football betting activity is not ok if no concrete predictions are precisely made or stats are reviewed. Make sure to place only those bets you have solid reasons to believe will appear the way you think they will.
  • Counting on the wrong reason when forming a bet. It is better to give you concrete examples about this mistake so you can entirely understand it. Counting on the wrong reason is when you decide to place a football bet just because right now you are watching this event. The same case is when you place some bets on events that most people will bet on. The intuition is another wrong reason to place football bets.
  • Not comparing any odds. By all means you are aware of the fact that a single event can be offered for some online football betting at different odds depending on the market and the specific bookmaker. If you have a couple of betting accounts it is a total sin not to compare them in all of these platforms before you place the concrete bet.
  • Do you do these mistakes? Well, now you understand why you must stop doing them right away!

    10 Stupid things every football betting gambler has done at least once in his life

    Tell us if you have done at least one of these silly football betting online things. Check out the ten worst and most common punter’s tactics in football.

    Football betting is one of the most common things gamblers do. If being honest even the most passionate poker players will admit they have placed at least spille casinospill på Norgescå ten football bets in their life. We think that since football is such a popular sport discipline football bets are easy to be predicted and made. But this conception for football betting to be so popular has made all of us acting like total fools in the field. And once you read the next lines you will admit you have been fool in football betting online, too.

    Please, meet some of the most common 10 stupid things absolutely all punters have done:

  • Being impatient in the live betting section. How many times have you changed your bet within a period of five minutes? This is absurd because you lose money like this, but the question is why you are doing it. It’s because you cannot keep yourself controlled once you overcome the beginner’s sense of insecurity and start acting like an average punter.
  • Chasing the loss. At least once in his life every punter got mad about losing a huge bet and then remaining in the bookmaker to recover from this non-sense. The non-sense, though, is not quitting the platform immediately.
  • Placing a bet at an amount you cannot afford. Why do you risk something you cannot guarantee to get back in your wallet? No one knows!
  • Forgetting that football betting online is not about supporting your team, but about using your knowledge about the team to make the right prediction. Even if this means to make your team the looser.
  • Not meeting the welcome bonus requirements. There’s always a moment of forgetting and then..”Oh, no! I will lose my deposit bonus now!”.
  • Switching from one discipline to another without even understanding the rules of the games because you are sick and tired of football bets. In this situation, it is healthier to just have a break from gambling at all.
  • Borrowing money from a friend to make the bet of your life. Seriously? Did you win? Well, yes, of course you did not.
  • Not reading even a single line from the useful stats about the game before its start. There are bets we are just sure about and usually these bets are lost, aren’t they?
  • Asking your life what she thinks about your seventh (last) selection of a mixed accumulator bet because you just need to place it. Really? Did you pay her back for the tip?
  • Not making anything smarter after a huge mistake in live betting collapse. Some people just cannot place live bets. They are not made for them. It’s simple to be understood – they don’t know how to act fast when the situation is changing every single second.
  • There’s nothing bad if you have admitted to have done all of these ten sins in football betting online. The bad thing would happen if you keep doing them.  

    Baseball Betting: A look at types of Bets


    Baseball is America’s most loved and played game. It is the 8th most popular sport on the planet with 500 million fans worldwide. It is a game played between two teams with several innings, with the team scoring most ending as the winner. Baseball betting is the activity of waging a wager on an outcome of the match. MSL is the most prominent league in the USA. Baseball betting provides you an opportunity to cash upon your baseball experience and knowledge. Let’s look at the different kinds of bets you can place in baseball betting.

    The different kinds of bets give different types of leverages to your predictions. You need to know which kind of bet gives the highest leverage to your predictions. 

    Run Line Bets:

    Run line bets are the most common bets in the game of baseball. They are similar to spread bets in football. Unlike the spread bets, you see different payot odds in a run line bets. You can bet on a team, but with a certain advantage, meaning to win with a certain number of runs or not losing by more than a certain number of runs. If your advantage is 1.5, the favorite will be winning the game by 1.5 runs. Similarly, the underdog must lose by 1.5 runs. It is the most popular betting you’ll encounter.

    Money Line Bets:

    Money line bets are simple and are the next most popular bets you’ll come across. You bet on a winning team, and you get your money If they win. These odds differ from match to match. They are more on a team if it is likely to lose. The odds on a team likely to lose range from 9.5 – 11.5. See the difference! The odds on the team, which is likely to win, will be around 1.04 – 1.5. Not much odds on a winning team, you see.

    Future Bets:

    Future bets are similar to tournament bets in football. You predict the position a team will end up in the points table, who will qualify for the playoffs, etc. These bets only happen in major tournaments and give some great odds.

    Proposition Bets:

    These are similar to special bets in football. You predict a certain outcome of the match. The outcomes come in various varieties, including the first pitcher, the first homerun getter,etc., They get more and more specific. They present high odds as the possibility of the occurrence of the predictions is quite low.

    Over-Under Bets:

    This category of bet is specific to baseball. You predict the total runs scored either above a number or below a certain number in this bet. The odds for both over and under will be the same. These are called as totals bets. They have decent odds.

    Closing Thoughts:

    The baseball betting offers pretty much a lot of interesting options to choose from. It provides good odds to bet at. You need to select your bets wisely. Even though the odds on teams likely to win are low, investing a huge amount can be beneficial. Knowing all the kinds of bets available can help increase your chances of winning more wagers. Here is a site just for you. W88 is the bookmaker for many sports betting. Be sure to check this out.

    How to Win Any Cricket Sports Betting?

    Among all other sports betting cricket is the easiest one to bet and win. Cricket is a very popular game and is played by almost every country. And betting is also like legal in every country. So while going to bet for cricket tournaments, we need to know how to bet strategically. Because if we bet on anything without knowing the proper odds then the loss will be ours. So here are the tips to follow.

    The main tip which we must follow in evaluating the performance of the teams. Especially, the teams which are going to play the match we need to take full information about that team. Now see who are the players that are going to play the next match. Evaluate their performance. Then you can make a rough idea for the match. Now don’t bet for the match. See whether you are correct or not. If you are correct then go for the next match. You will win.

    Now this point will make sure that you are going to win 100%. Carefully observe the recording of the previous matches video. You can find something odds that will help you. Like, if a bowler is giving so much run and after that suddenly he takes the wicket then he must make some noticeable movement during the throwing ball. If you catch this change perfectly then every time you will earn the money.

    The two points mentioned above are really helpful. But here is some other tip which will help you to win. And that is searching for a guide. He can also help you to search a proper bookie also where the traffic is high. If lots of people bet their money here then the chances of getting more money is higher also. Again, to reach that goal you need to search for a person who is winning constantly or winning the most of the matches. Observing him will help you to take quick and proper decision within short time.

    These techniques are very helpful and help a lot to win. If you are playing the game first time and didn’t get the opportunity to evaluate all these things then always go for the odds where most of the bets are placed. You may earn little money but it is better to lose by going where the bets are low. I hope this will help you to win.