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Here’s how not to choose a bookmaker

If you want to register in a reasonable online football betting house, please do not follow these wrong approaches. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when forming your opinion about your next bookie.

You must have read plenty of articles dedicated to the sublime moment when you decide to enter the online football betting world and go hunting to select the most credible company for the purpose. And we bet you have plenty of tips in mind in your long-lasting research for a decent platform. But what about if we tell you that it could be more helpful for you to consider how not to choose a bookmaker rather than learn what exactly to do when you in this hunt?

This material is about the worst mistakes a punter can do when trying to appear in a reliable, trustworthy and generous enough gambling operator. See what you should not do when you open your browser and start the process of a search for a bookie:

  • Don’t choose a bookmaker because of its bonus system. There’s no doubt that the modern betting houses should on mandatory provide at least a couple of special offers. Usually, the welcome prom is a must. However, just because one bookie has extremely big bonuses doesn’t mean it’s the best choice you can do.
  • Don’t register in a website for sport bets without reading its terms and conditions. They are not the same in all online football betting platforms. There might be rules that do not correspond to your general conception about gambling. When you open an account (to be more specific, when you mark that you agree with the website terms and conditions) you become 100% obliged to obey the company’s rules.
  • Don’t bite that like that only the British bookies matter and are preferred. As a matter of fact, there’s a big delay in the appearance of new betting houses from the Island. It’s because there are too many websites out there. But don’t you insist on a more modern bookmaker rather than on an old-school online football betting platform? Then, you should definitely check out the latest betting houses outside of the UK.
  • Do not get satisfied with the audience’s positive feedback taken from one single website/source. It could be paid feedback. And yes, today, it is totally possible to “buy” good reputation in the internet. If you want real opinions from existing clients, read the comments in the social networks and visit specialized sport betting forums.
  • These four mistakes in selecting the right betting house are not just critical, but put you into a trap. By relying on this wrong approach in choosing a decent bookie you lose the chance to enjoy a really positive and welcoming gambling atmosphere, which is as a matter of fact today not too hard to find.

    Here’s why you might be still a total poker loser

    You might become a total poker loser in if you are doing some of these bad practices. See the possible reasons for your recent losses in poker.

    Being a poker loser is not a kind of a dream the beginner in online gambling has. Try to remember that first time you found a great poker service provider and entered it confidently to make some wins. What happened? You slot everything? That’s ok. What’s not ok is keeping being a loser and not doing anything to try to correct your game style.

    If you wonder why you are still a total loser, check out some of the possible reasons we have listed below:

  • You listen to your ego rather than to your sober mind. Egocentrism is something that can destroy your life. And if you are a gambler, it will start with your poker activity.
  • Not checking out the betting house where you play poker. Back in those times, there were a few poker websites we can choose from and the risk to gamble in unsecured environment seemed to be part of the game. Today, you can gamble in and many websites of this safety rang. It costs a couple of seconds to see if your poker provider is officially licensed and regulated.
  • Leaning on the suggestion that someone’s been bluffing and not biting it. There’s always such a probability, indeed. However, it’s very wrong to call it bluff when you don’t understand some of your opponent’s actions. Reading the players at the poker table is a skill you should master within the time. Until then, play safely, but with no excuses for bluffs.
  • When you have a dominating hand, what do you do? Do you call or you just check? To tell you the truth, both of these actions are not the right ones. Instead, you should raise or even better – hit the all in button. When you hold a really dominating hand, all you have to do is to call as aggressively as possible.
  • Speaking of bluffs, not making even one attempt to master the skill is also a mistake that can make you a total poker loser. If you are scared to lose your entire tight budget, practice bluffing in free poker environment.
  • “What the hell!” is not a smart enough reason to press the button for calling. In this situation it is ok either to check or better – to fold. What the hell? Are you really so out of date not to know that folding is actually a smart action in poker?
  • Crossing your own budget management system limits is something we have never understood, but unfortunately a thing that many poker losers do. It’s time for you to stop!
  • We don’t say or promise for you to become a pro once you stop doing these things. But you are definitely not going to be a loser anymore if you see the essence of what we have explained to you above.