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Where we go to say HELLS YEA, to the creepy shit.- On this blog you will find all things creepy with zero blood and guts!! If you would like to submit a story go for it!! If you want to ask me a question, any question you're more then welcome to!!

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faerieinspoopycombatboots said: I am proud of you for coming out. Really. It's an incredibly brave thing to do, and never ever be sorry for who you are.

the older i have gotten i did realise that my time on this earth was limited… cant be afraid to be who you are…. a lot of people are….its a scary thing to be dictated by a social stigma to be told what is right and what is wrong….if you feel what you feel…go with it…..LOVE is most important…and if you feel LOVE for someone you shouldnt be held back from that love because socially its unacceptable socailly.   LOVE is a gift….if you feel it with someone….take it..regardless of who its with.   

Anonymous said: 33 and just now coming out? Holy shit I am really impressed... I'm really happy that you're finally comfortable with telling people and i hope all works out well between you and your family. :D

im greatful that the world and the social stigma has changed enough for people to feel comfortable with their sexuality…..when i was in highschool being any kind of Bi or gay was frowned upon…it was unheard of…and if you were public with it , u were instantly outcast.,.. im glad that now a days, while its still hard….its easier then it was when i was young……  

KEEP STRONG to all that are struggling with the inner.   keep in mind that times will change….what is not accepted now WILL be one day.  IT ALWAYS gets better…..just love YOU, YOU are what is most important in this world……

Anonymous said: Because who needs followers anyway. Keep it up you:) "Whatever you are, be a good one" -Abraham Lincoln

abe certainly did have the right idea….didnt he?

Anonymous said: I'm really glad you trust your followers enough to tell us something so personal. I hope your family responds positively, and you have many fans like me who support you.

over the last 3 years you guys have become my family in more ways then you will ever know…..i love ya’ll

Anonymous said: I know it's getting to be like spam now, but I'm so proud that you came out!! I'd say "congrats," but sometimes it can be very hard... However, I hope your experience is very positive and that you're happy! I'm bisexual and I'm not sure if I'll ever fully come out publicly, but it really makes me happy to see others do so. I love you and your blog and wish I could give you a huge hug and/or high five right now! x

its mostly scary because my parents havent responded to my overly public outing.,…….ill let u know how that goes…im very close with my mom and dad….so…..its a little nerve racking..

Anonymous said: Would you post a selfie?

instagram @ ultravioletkites

Anonymous said: I feel so much respect for you. You have no idea! Love you so much. Very proud to be your follower. You're beautiful and wonderfull! SO PROUD!!!

i am more proud you are my follower… have no idea. 

ognob said: So proud of you girl, you're amazing :) Xx



u are my one true love OG…. such a beautiful person!


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Anonymous said: OMG! OMG! *It's my chance* So... dinner? My place?

lets do DIS!!  :D

sex-cake said: I'm happy for you! I'm glad you were able to come out! Fuck all the people who unfollowed you. Thats so stupid. I will remain a follower no matter what!:)

i knew that peoples beliefs prevent them from certain things…im ok with that…they believe what they believe for a reason…..i grew up catholic , can u imagine the conflict i was going through……  

right now we have ISIS, Ebola, mystery respitory diseases that are killking children, Russia wanting to kill us……  we have to do what makes us happy in life….you never know what will happen tomorrow….you cant leave this world with pain and regret…..  do it for you…. live it for you…. be happy…

spoopyhanniechan said: Don't worry about losing followers, angel!! Everything'll be okay~~ I am so proud and happy that you were able to come out!! I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

naw….. im not worried about it…..  i have all i need right here!

ognob said: So proud of you girl, you're amazing :) Xx

u are my one true love OG…. such a beautiful person!

Anonymous said: I am so proud of you. You're so brave and courageous to do that. We'll all be here for you if you need any comfort, it will all be okay :)

ty so much……i enjoy hugs and loves……very much so

Anonymous said: You're a wonderfull person and we all love you!!! *hugs*

i love you guys too…so much i am so happy that you guys accept this….

Anonymous said: YOU GO GLENN COCO!

I DONT EVEN GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!